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Salon Perfect – Lak za nokte Dandelion Delight – 47712

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  • nail polish
  • 14 ml
  • for beautiful nails

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Salon Perfect nail polish is a high-quality product that provides exceptional durability and shine. Its rich palette of colors provides a variety of options for every occasion and style. The polish is easy to apply thanks to the precise brush, which makes it easy to achieve professional results at home. It dries quickly, which saves time and enables the quick continuation of daily activities. The nail polish formulation is resistant to peeling and peeling, providing a long-lasting and flawless look to the nails. Salon Perfect nail polish is the perfect choice for all lovers of elegant and long-lasting manicures.

How to use:

  1. Preparation of nails: Clean your nails and shape them as desired.
  2. Base (optional): If using a base coat, apply a thin layer.
  3. Applying nail polish: Apply the first coat of polish, starting from the middle of the nail towards the tips and sides.
  4. Drying: Wait for the first layer to dry completely (several minutes).
  5. Additional layers (optional): If necessary, apply an additional layer.
  6. Final layer: Apply a layer of clear top coat for shine and protection.
  7. Cleaning: Clean off excess polish from the skin around the nail if necessary.
  8. Drying and avoiding water: Wait for the manicure to dry completely and avoid water for several hours.


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